Epic Brewing Company | Brainless on Peaches 10.7% ABV

Ok, so I know the color peach is appropriate for a peach flavored drink, but there’s definitely a touch of lady-beer-for-lady-like-ladies product labelling here. Oh my stars! Anyway this was delicious so if somebody would like to come deposit one to my doorstep right now that would be fab. With mellow bready malt base and musky, spicy Belgian … Continue reading Epic Brewing Company | Brainless on Peaches 10.7% ABV

Coconut Honey Muffins 

I know coconut can be polarizing issue but I am obsessed with everything coconut. Lucky for me, Liv at eatlivwell.com has delivered a recipe for coconut honey muffins that’s also gluten-free and suitable for paleo diets. She’s a Seattle student and baker whose blog offers many options for the gluten-free foodies out there.  Because coconut … Continue reading Coconut Honey Muffins